Research and Seminars


In June 2010 I defended my doctoral thesis, Personas and Scenarios in Use. The subject of the thesis is the persona method and how well it works in large international IT projects. I participated in the EU project Nepomuk where I employed and observed the usage of the persona method for three years during 2006-2008. The thesis opponent was Jonathan Grudin from Microsoft Research. If you want to take a look at the thesis you can find it here: Personas and Scenarios in Use.

In May 2008 my (ex) colleague Sinna Lindquist and I presented a paper at the COOP’08 conference in Carry Le Rouet in France. You can find the paper here: Personas and scenarios-design tool or a communication device?

In July 2001 I presented a poster at the Usability Professional’s Association conference in Las Vegas. You can find the paper here:  Life-Size Personas.


I sometimes give talks and seminars on user centered design and the different methods that are used to achieve good usability, both for private companies and academic institutions. A selection of teaching assignments are presented below.

UX-open – Lightning talk talk about personas.

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University – Seminar on personas and scenarios

Södertörn University – Teaching in the C-level course Science, theory and method II at the Department of Communication, Media and IT at Södertörn University.

Uppsala University – Education and consultation on the persona method. In cooperation with Metamatrix.

Linnaeus University – Seminars on pre-study methods, including personas and scenarios. Spring term 2009-2011.

Uppsala University – Seminar and workshop on user-centered design. Every spring term since 2006.

Swedish Defence Research Agency – Seminar on personas and scenarios.

H&M – Seminar on the persona method.

Stockholms University – Course in user-centered design.

Milagro – Course on user-centered design.

Södersjukhuset’s IT department  – Seminar in user-centered design.

Uppsala University – Seminar on the method of personas in a course in Interaction Design.

IT Norrbotten – Course in user-centered design.

Congruent Solutions – Course in user-centered design.