User Research

Who are your users? What are their specific requirements? Before designing and developing your services and the various interfaces these are important questions that must be answered. It’s vital to take the time to find out who your users are and understand their various needs and requirements. PinkPuffin carries out in-depth user research, designed to provide a thorough and detailed description of your target group, their needs, requirements and expectations. This key information is provided in the form of a report and where appropriate, personas, scenarios and experience maps are used to further increase knowledge and understanding.

Usability Evaluation

The best way to ensure your service meets the needs of your users is to test and evaluate it with the help of the users for whom it’s intended. The overall quality of the system is carefully analyzed and a detailed evaluation based on the users’ feedback is used to assess the practicality and user-friendliness of your system. This is also an excellent opportunity to examine your users’ expectations and gather their suggestions for future development, providing detailed analysis of the quality of your system and highlighting areas for improvement.

Prototype development and evaluation

PinkPuffin will create prototypes of your service and systems and use them to discover and visualize your target group’s needs and requirements. We use these prototypes to help design functionality and build interfaces that are user-friendly and fulfill your users’ needs and expectations. This process is iterative and the prototypes are continuously improved and tested until usability is optimal. The final result is a prototype that’s ready for production, based on a detailed evaluation of the specifications required to maximize the usability of your service.